Celebrate the USA! Where You Are Free to Ride Cooler Tops.

Every summer, Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and political persuasion unite in celebrating the United States of America. From the outside looking in, we may seem more divided than united during this presidential election year, but we know that the openess in which we freely discuss our differences, and the diversity of opinions among us that are accepted as being valid to discuss, is largely what unifies us as FREE people. We are unified in our freedom, and that freedom was won with a price. The traditions of how Americans celebrate that are wonderful and highly anticipated year to year. Our celebration of the birth of our freedom is sure to involve some salt water, and hopefully an early morning swell to enjoy before the line-up fills with ocean frolickers, and that guy at Isle of Palms who likes to ride his cooler top in the waves on the 4th. We might just join him. In America, freedom to play, and freedom to be creative in how we play is just another thing that makes our country awesome. Happy 4th!!

Check out our SURF USA crew on our website, or at Half Moon Outfitters in the Charleston, SC area.

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