Who Are We?

Celebrating coastal life, Red Nun 2 creates whimsical surf and sea designs on soft, premium fit T-shirts, hats and more. We are inspired by the ocean. In fact, that is where the idea of Red Nun 2 was born, at a surf break on Isle of Palms in coastal South Carolina. Sometimes the best ideas come from unplanned conversations between wave sets when surfing with friends. So it was with Red Nun 2, a business built on friendship and a mutual love of t-shirts that are soft, fit well, and through simple designs give a nod to the things we love about surfing, boating and living in the lowcountry. 

Why Red Nun 2? In maritime navigation, a red buoy with a cone shaped top that marks the starboard side of the channel is known as a Red Nun. A round green buoy marking the port side of the channel is known as a Green Can. The Red Nun signaling the entrance to Charleston Harbor is R2. We adopted the name because it represents both the sea and the place we call home, both of which are important inspirations for our designs. Not to mention that Red Nun is just a fun name for a buoy or a T-shirt biz!

If you have read this far, you are probably a kindred spirit. A salty soul with a thirst for adventure and a desire to experience life to the fullest. Whether it be at the coast, the mountains, or anywhere in between, if you choose to do that while wearing your favorite Red Nun 2 apparel, we would indeed be honored.